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Meet the matchmakers

Every venue, every city, every place has something unique to offer the world.

We find you the right conferences and events, identify an appropriate host or organiser,  introduce them to your city and services, then connect them to you.

So how do we get you better leads?

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We see the wider picture when finding you leads

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What kind of leads can you expect?


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We deliver you highly strategic, 'full package' pre-qualified leads.

Leads for business which you have a high chance of winning – where we have considered your city infrastructure, strategic goals and sector priorities; matched these with the size, profile and patterns of the event, connected you to the decision maker and an enthusiastic host who is highly motivated to support or lead an event bid with potential for long term economic impact and legacy.

So how do we get you these leads?

Six Steps


How do we match your venue or destination with perfect events or conferences and highly motivated local hosts and decision makers?

Wherever you are in the world, our goal is to find you the conferences or events that are strategically aligned to your destination so that they deliver the highest return on investment in terms of direct and in-direct economic impact as well as long-term legacy benefits.

Step 1

We understand your brief.

Firstly we listen. Every client is different and every client has a good understanding of their own needs. We take the time to fully understand what is important to you and what you are looking for in terms of leads and timescales as well as whether you are looking for support with national, regional or international business.

We also consider the resources that you already have so that we can compliment them.


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Step 2

We create a strategically suitable proposition.

We research your venue or location to really understand all the opportunities that are present and might be appealing to a specific audience; culturally, economically, politically, academically and scientifically.

We produce a detailed report of our findings which will clearly identify your destination’s knowledge economy so that we can more intentionally and effectively leverage this local knowledge base on your behalf, showcasing your local expertise, resulting in more conference business in your priority sectors.


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Step 3

Compile strategically suitable targets.

Our ‘matchmaking’ service is what really sets us apart from the competition and dramatically increases your chances of securing and delivering highly successful events.

Using a robust, systematic approach we collect third-party data and intelligence then analyse, categorise and prioritise this data to produce a comprehensive list of strategically appropriate events and potential local hosts and influencers for your destination.


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Step 4

Initial engagement.

The ‘matchmaking’ begins. We start the process of creating a proposition, finding the ‘hook’ that might catch attention, speaking to contacts, determining their initial interest, suitability and availability, motivating and encouraging them to engage with you to become part of your final bid.

This personal, direct engagement with decision makers is an important aspect to SFA’s unique approach. Our staff conduct real, unscripted conversations on your behalf, acting as part of your in-house team and making sure that every exchange is relevant, engaging and professional.


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Step 5

Short-list, development and relevance assessment.

Just because a conference, venue, organiser and the local host are a great match doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to be able to come together at the right time.

We go the extra mile to uncover, address and record any objections, concerns and potential pitfalls – eliminating unsuitable prospects thus ensuring that the leads that we pass to you are of the highest quality.

All managed through our bespoke, sophisticated customer relationship management system, ensuring no opportunities are missed.


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Step 6


Once we are satisfied with our selections, we will make the introductions to you and your team and hand them over for you to meet, make final arrangements and move towards production of a conference bid.

At this point you will be given full details of any decision making information that we have gathered as well as recommendations for a strategic approach by key stakeholders in the city for future contact and development of these leads to make sure this meeting is as productive as possible.

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